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New and Used Craft Items and Jewelry for the Creative Soul


Please enjoy my new shop. I feature craft items that are new and upcycled. I love repurposing  instead of using the landfill option. Jewelry and beads are my main focus, but anything that can be used to create wonderful works of art will be featured too. 

I also offer ONE FLAT FEE FOR SHIPPING ($6.45), no matter how many items are purchased at one time.
Enjoy the smaller amounts of items that you can purchase. Great for the individual craft project. 


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OJP-164, Hallmark 1986, St. Patrick's Day Pin, Full of Charm and a Bit of Blarney $6.00


This is a cute, collectible, Hallmark pin from 1986. A smiling bear doing a jig. Primarily green colors. 2 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches in width. It is in like new condition. $6.00



E-179, A Beautiful Silver Toned Flower with Green Swarovski Crystals in the Center - $4.25 /1


This is a 3 dimensional, silver toned flower setting with emerald green baguette Swarovski Crystals for the center pedals and one round crystal in the middle. Gorgeous. 3/4 inch (17mm) in height and width. Flat cabochon like back. It will make a great, sparkling addition to many crafting projects. $4.25/1 


BF-254, 7 Inch Strand of Graduated, Beautiful, Light Jade Color, Pearlised Beads with Silver Colored Spacers  $3.25


These are nice, heavy, light jade colored pearled beads with silver colored spacers. This is a graduated 7 inch strand of beautiful beads. The real color look to me to be a light blue green color, even though the pictures show it more of a yellow green. I couldn't get the exact color. $3.25 /strand