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New and Used Craft Items and Jewelry for the Creative Soul

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Please enjoy my new shop. I feature craft items that are new and upcycled. I love repurposing  instead of using the landfill option. Jewelry and beads are my main focus, but anything that can be used to create wonderful works of art will be featured too. 

I also offer ONE FLAT FEE FOR SHIPPING ($6.45), no matter how many items are purchased at one time.
Enjoy the smaller amounts of items that you can purchase. Great for the individual craft project. 

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P-114, Vintage Christmas Postcard With a Vibrant Poinsettia and Sunrise, Not Stamped or Franked - $5.00

Christmas postcard that has a beautiful poinsettia and sunrise on the front and the back has not been used. In almost perfect condition.
It is in pretty good shape, but there again, I am no expert. Please look at the pictures closely to identify the wear and tear. 
5 1/2" in length and 3.5 width. 



CH-117, A Very Pretty, Pewter Ornament of a Christmas Tree Decorated with Faceted Aurora Borealis Crystals, $7.50

<span box-sizing:border-box"="">This is a pewter ornament of Christmas tree decorated with 7 faceted Aurora Borealis crystals and green swag. Hangs from a green ribbon. Gorgeous and well made. It is in great condition and ready for great crafting ideas. Wreath making, Christmas shadow boxes, Christmas vignettes, package toppers, even use it as a traditional ornament. No makers mark that I can find. 2 1/2 inch in length, 1 3/4 inch in width. $7.50



CH-129, A Darling Christmas Pin Bow with Accented with Festive Christmas Drops and Cut Faceted Glass, Antiqued Brass, $18.95

<span "="">A sweet pin of an antique brass bow that has 5 drops of assorted Christmas items with cut faceted glass accents, which are actually clear with an aurora borealis (AB) finish. This is one of my favorites! The last picture shows the back of the pin. 2 inches in length, 1 5/8 inches in width. $18.95



CH-128, A Fine China Angel Pin by Lenox- She is Holding a 24kt Embellished Gold Star- and Signed on the Back in Gold, $8.95

<span box-sizing:border-box"="">A fine china Angel pin by Lenox embellished with a painted 24kt star by Lenox. So pretty and delicate. Could be worn any day, not just for Christmas season. Cream color. 1 5/8 inches in length, 1 1/2 inches in width. $8.95



P-115, Vintage Christmas Postcard With a Church Courtyard and Bright Poinsettias, Stamped (1 cent) and Franked, $4.00

A Christmas postcard that has beautiful red poinsettias and a snowy churchyard. it has been stamped and franked and includes greetings on the back. It is in great condition
It is in pretty good shape, but there again, I am no expert. Please look at the pictures closely to identify the wear and tear. 5 1/2" in length and 3.5 width.